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How to read djvu file

How to open djvu file? which program opens .djvu file? What application runs djvu books?

The best program to run .djvu files is called DJVU READER. you should download the full plugin so you can enable printing service. Download full djvu reader for windows, rapidshare.com link

Having 100 percent CPU usage

Avi files are causing cpu to have 100% usage, what should be done? How to solve 100% processor usage?

100% CPU usage is a problem caused by many factors .. This one is about avi
files (video files) .. How to solve it? open: regedit (type it in Run > start
menu) then, Goto HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.avi\shellex\PropertyHandler
.. Finally, delete the “Default” value which should be

Easy with this method, you will lose some properties so don’t use it unless it was necessary.

How to open docx files

How to open Microsoft office 2007 extensions in office 2003?

Download Microsoft compitability pack for office (includes word, powerpoint and excel) .. once you install it, your office 2003 edition will be able to open docx files for example.

How to open .ppt files

How to open powerpoint slides? How to download free power point program? How to view powerpoint presentations? How to use .pps files?

Download free Microsoft powerpoint viewer 2007
to open .ppt and .pps files
and run those presentations.

How to get free microsoft excel

How to open .xls files? How to read spread datasheet?

Microsoft excel viewer
then install it to read such files. You might also be interested in using Google spreadsheets.

How to open .doc files

How to open documents? How to download Microsoft word? Which office program to open text?

All you need to open that type of files is a program called Microsoft office viewer it’s a free program with a small size and will do the job for you.